Grand Cereals Limited (GCL) produces a wide range of animal feed such as Chick mash, Grower pelletised, Growmaxx, Layer Pelletised, Eggmaxx, Superstarter, Broiler Starter, Broiler Finisher, Crumbled Finisher, Quail starter and Quail Layer.

Chick mash – This is the first feed given to Day old chicks to 8 weeks old. It contains about 17- 20% protein to give the chick rapid growth in the first few weeks of life. Vital chick mash is rich in all nutrients required for the quick development of feathers and general growth. It is hygienically produced and bagged in a 25kg bag. Chick mash is in form of crumbled pellets to reduce wastage and for easy picking by the birds.

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