UAC OF NIGERIA PLC Announces the Appointment of Mrs. Funke Ijaiya-Oladipo as Group
Finance Director

The Board of Directors (“Board”) of UAC of Nigeria PLC (“UAC” or the “Company”) resolved on July 28
2021 that Mrs. Funke Ijaiya-Oladipo shall be appointed as Group Finance Director of UAC with effect
from July 28 2021. In addition to her other responsibilities, Funke will serve as an Executive Director
on UAC’s Board.
Prior to this appointment, Funke Ijaiya-Oladipo was UAC’s Group Chief Financial Officer, with overall
responsibility for the Company’s finance function.Her previous roles with UAC include serving as Head
Investor Relations, responsible for strategic stakeholder management and aligning UAC’s capital
market activities with its strategic priorities.

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